So how long is fifteen years? 

My answer to that simple question changes depending on the day.  Some days I would swear that fifteen years feels like a lifetime.  Of course there are other days when I realize that I have socks that are probably older than that….sorry for the visual.

For the purpose of this entry, fifteen years ago, July 1, 1999, was the official opening of a dream business.   Now I don’t mean “Dream Business” in the sense that it was easy.  Some people say that a “Dream Business” would be something easy to open, where you could sit back, relax, and watch the money pour in….  Nothing that I’ve ever seen in real life works that way. 

PFP was a “Dream Business” in the sense that my father, Fran Moscardelli, spent years dreaming up a way to have his own place to go to work.  He wanted to put together a group of people, both customers and coworkers, that weren’t afraid to participate in his zany ideas.  He did it.  I was proud of him then, and I’m proud of him now. 

His dream looks a lot different today than it did back in 1999.  We’ve changed all of our equipment, our address, and even added a second location in Texas.  However, there are two places that look very similar.  Our customer list has a lot of the same names that it had in 1999 when we opened the doors.  Also, the people who work here, who literally open the doors every morning, are many of the same and familiar faces that were around during that hot summer fifteen years ago.

Enjoy this new website.  It’s simple, but hey, that pretty much fits our personality.

We Make Diecuts!  If you need some, give us a call….