How many times have you been asked “Where do you work?”  

Once that question is asked, I normally spend the next five minutes talking about air filter frames and paperboard.  If you are one of our customers reading this, you’re probably rolling your eyes, because you know I LOVE to talk about paperboard….

“Where” you work could be anywhere - a home office, the open road, the top floor of a highrise in the city, or an old block warehouse out in the sticks.  PFP’s “where” is Lebanon, Tennessee… my hometown.  As a kid growing up, I never pictured myself living in Lebanon as an adult.  Not that it was a bad place to grow up… quite the opposite.  It’s just that I always assumed that I was going to move away from home and settle down somewhere else.  I was fortunate that my family and I lived “away from home” for about ten years, but we were even more fortunate that we came home and opened PFP here in Middle Tennessee.

Middle Tennessee in general, and Lebanon in particular, has so much going for it.  The area’s low taxes, low unemployment rates, and business friendly climate have helped rank Lebanon as one of the “Most Business Friendly” cities in the state (Nashville Business Journal, January 2014), and the local business community has a solid and thriving industrial base, one that we are proud to be a part of.  We are just 20 minutes from the Nashville International Airport, and 30 minutes from downtown Nashville, which is one of the greatest (I’m not biased) cities in the world.

Lebanon’s location enables us to economically ship die cuts into Canada, Mexico, and coast to coast on a weekly basis (and don’t get me started on the benefits of shipping out west from our Texas plant!).  Also, being within 650 miles of over half the US population makes us the perfect shipping point to get your products from our warehouse to your customers at the right price.  Situated between Interstates 40, 65 and 24, it’s no wonder that Amazon, Starbucks, Bridgestone, Nissan, the Gap, and Cracker Barrel all chose this area to distribute their goods all over the country.  

Doing business with us should be simple.  If you need die cuts or warehousing, give us a call.  We are easy to find.