I’m told that there are some important things for people to know about our business.  We may or may not have a customer that would like us to say publicly (on our website, for example) that:

1.  PFP thinks that the environment is really important.  We think that it’s a great idea to do things like conserve energy.  One way we’ve done that is by totally updating all of our lighting in both of our buildings to really energy efficient, high quality fixtures and bulbs.  We are always looking to use new technology to improve our energy efficiency that would in turn help us reduce our green house gas emissions.

2.  We think that recycling is a great way to prove that we like the environment.  We recycle just about everything we can get our hands on…thousands of pounds of steel and plastic strapping, millions of pounds of wastepaper, and tons of metal from obsolete equipment.  Limiting production waste helps us become more efficient, and diverting it from the waste stream makes a lot of sense.

See, that was easy...  By the way, if you need some die cuts, give us a call.